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  • Farida Sharan Books on
    Got to; choose books; type in Farida Sharan; order - The Old Man and His Soul, Flower Child in the Summer of Love, Herbs of Grace or Creative Menopause. If any books are out of stock contact Farida Sharan or School of Natural Medicine on
    The Five Elements of Life – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether; Iridology Introduction, Iridology Constitutions - films made at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School in Boulder, Colorado with Farida Sharan.
  • Farida Sharan's New Website
    Explore truth, love and beauty offerings with Farida Sharan - from professional training, to books, DVD's and exquisite fashions -
  • School of Natural Medicine International
    A new cycle of evolutionary teachings with Farida Sharan based on self-healing as a spiritual path - a Private Occupational Board of Education approved professional school with a difference - create the work you love by embodying wisdom teachings.
  • SNM in Devon United Kingdom
    Farida Sharan ND and Bonny White ND offer professional diplomas in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Iridology + Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Healing Diets, Reflexology in a personal, joyful caring environment based on Self Healing and personal evolution with mentoring, distance E-courses and seminars
  • Herbs of Grace UK
    SNM Grad Peter Enkel bought Herbs of Grace from Farida when she left England in 1988.
  • Wholistic Research Company
    Farida started this company in U.K. to provides books and equipment for all health related needs - and a former patient now owns it!!
  • SNM Grad - Mothers Connected
    SNM Grad, Renelle, follows her passion!
  • SNM Grad - Healing Dog Support
    SNM Grad Christine wows the Bow Wows!!!
  • SNM Grads - Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
    SNM Grads, Peter & Angela Bradbury, founded Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists

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Farida Sharan is the founder and director of the School of Natural Medicine, an author, educator, international lecturer and seminar leader. After healing breast cancer with natural medicine over twenty years ago, she made natural medicine her life work. A Natural Physician, Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Iridologist, she has worked with women’s menopause, aging and chronic illness in private practice for twenty years, several of which were in a gynecological medical clinic in London, England where client progress was confirmed by medicial tests which were taken before and after treatment guided by Iridology analysis. As the doctor commented. “I never knew such tissue changes were possible”. Farida Sharan also worked in close cooperation with the Gerson Cancer Clinic and the Britstol Cancer Clinic in London, receiving many referrals from them.

Previous books are IRIDOLOGY – a complete guide to diagnosing through the iris and to related forms of treatment, published by Thorsons U.K. division of HarperCollins, and republished by the autor, CREATIVE MENOPAUSE – Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality, HERBS OF GRACE - Becoming Independently Healthy, and THE IRIDOLOGY COLORING BOOK and THE DICTIONARY OF IRIDOLOGY, both of which are co-published with illustrator, Ghatfan Safi, a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine.

Born in Vancouver, Canada in l942, Farida moved to California in the sixties where her three children still reside. From l977 to l988 she lived in Cambridge, England, where as a leader in the growth of complementary and alternative natural medicine in England she founded the British School of Iridology and the School of Natural Medicine. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, Farida teaches in England, Iceland, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India and South Africa, as well as all over North America, and hosts the School of Natural Medicine Summer School in Boulder each August. She is a Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Master Iridologists who has also been awarded a Doctor of Medicine. She practices as a Natural Physician, and founded the herb company, Herbs of Grace.

One of the leading Iridologists in the word, Farida Sharan has created an evolutionary process, Transformational Iridology, which presents her advanced view of the Iridology constitutional types in a unique kinesthetic form that allows participants to experience the different types. This encourages understanding and compassion and gives the student and practitioner of Iridology an opportunity to advance as a practitioner who fully understands the dynamic of the life experience of each constitutional type. Transformational Iridology also supports the healing process by facilitating the client’s understanding of their own unique body/mind/spirit dynamic so that they can rise to the challenge of overcoming their weakness and making the most of their strengths. Farida’s approach to treatment is based on the philosophy of purification, regeneration and transformation.

Natural Physician NP
Naturopath ND
Master Herbalist MP
Master Iridologist MIr
Certified Massage Therapist CMT
Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP
Core Cranial Sacral Practitioner CSP
Master Reflexologist MR
Certified Yoga Teacher CYT
Certified Living Food Teacher
Esalen, Swedish, Yugoslavian Body Contouring Therapies
Therapeutic Facials & Body Care Practitioner

Memberships & Fellowships:
Fellow of the International Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
Fellow of the British Register of Iridologists
Professional Member of the American Herbalists Guild
Member of the International Iridologist Practitioner's Association
Colorado Naturopathy Medical Association Natural Physician
Colorado Society of Holistic & Naturopathic Physicians Board Member
Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Editorial Board Member, UK
Fellow of the International Society of Naturopaths

Board Member:
Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, London, UK - Editor
Vice-President - Mana Ke'A Healing Retreat Center, Hawaii - 2002 - present
Director: Private Island Natural Health Spa, El Nido, Palawan, August 2006 - present
Director: School of Natural Medicine

Spa Manager: Canyon Golf & Racquet Resort, Palm Springs, California 1974-75
Director: Rainbow Island Retreat & Rejuvenation Healing Center, California 1975
Director: Eden Hot Spring Healing Waters Retreat Center, Arizona 1975-76
Boutique Owner & Fashion Designer: Los Angeles, California - 1965-67
Owner: Melendy Art Galleries - Carmel & Los Angeles, California, & Arizona 1963 - 65

MDMA Doctorate, Medicina Alternativa - Copenhagen 1986
Gold Medal - 12th World Congress of Humanity, Copenhagen 1987
Ann Wigmore Living Foods Institute Honorary Service Plaque 2002
Ann Wigmore Living Foods Institute Honorary Service Plaque 2001

Founder & Director:
School of Natural Medicine, Cambridge, England
British School of Iridology
Wholistic Research Company, UK
Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary UK
School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado
Iridology Research
Wisdome Press
Herbs of Grace Pharmacy/Dispensary, Boulder, Colorado
Director - Colorado Society of Holistic & Naturopathic Physicians

University of British Columbia
General Council & Register of Herbalists, UK
School of Natural Healing, Utah, Dr. Christopher
3 HO Foundation, Yoga Teacher Training
Polarity Institute, USA
American Polarity Therapy Association APTA
New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics NMSNT
Medicinal Oils Training, YLO, Utah
Raindrop Technique Training, California & Utah
Spiritual Iridology Conference, Venice, Italy

Director of Conferences: Promoted International Teachers to Cambridge, England
Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC Iridologist
Dr. Raymond Christopher, School of Natural Healing, USA
Harri Wolf, Homeopath & Iridologist, USA
Dorothy Hall, Herbalist & Iridologist, Australia
Willy Hauser, Heilpraktiker, Germany

Speaker at Conferences, Events & Expos:
Rotary Club, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok
Alternative Medicine Exhibition in London, UK - several appearances
International Jensen Expo, California, USA. 5-02
American College of Iridology. 10 - 02
Integrated Iridology Conference, Sydney, Australia 3-01
Wilcox Hospital, Kaui, Hawaii - Lecture filmed for television
Conscious Living Expo, Perth, Australia 1994
Natural Products Expo, Baltimore, USA 1994
Alternative Practitioners Expo - London, England - 6x

Iridology - A complete Guide - Harper/Collins
Herbs of Grace - Becoming Independently Healthy
Creative Menopause - Illuminating Women's Health & Spirituality
Iridology Coloring Book
Dictionary of Iridology
Home Study Courses: Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Naturopath

Published Articles:
Spa Asia- Iridology & Chakras, Elements articles 2004
Healing Path - Iridology, Chakras & Essential Oils articles 2003, 2004
Eyeology Review
Spiritual Iridology
Time Risk & Evocative Emotional Therapy
Conference Report - Mystic Movement & Iridology
Conference Report - Cincinnatti Lecture
APTA Review - Iridology & Natural Medicine article - 1996
Iceland - magazines, newspapers
South Africa - Johannesberg - articles
Delicious Magazine.95/
Daily Camera - articles - 1989, 94, 97, 98 - cover stories
Iridology Review 1988 - Iridology
London Times Weekend Supplement - 1988 - Feature Iridology
Harpers & Queen - UK
Vogue Magazine - UK
Journal Of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Psychology of Seeing
Windows to Soul
How Iridology & Orthodox Medicine Work Together
Iridology Review 1988 - Iridology article
Beyond Science -Iridology - 1985
Alternative & Complementary Therapies USA - cover photo & Iridology article

South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Iceland, USA - interviews
Sky TV, England, 1/2 hour interview
Film spots 6 years running - Alternative Medicine Exhibition - London, UK
Friday night prime time interviews in Reykjavik- 6 shows over 6 visits
Perth, Australia - morning talk show interview
Wellness Show interview in Denver, Colorado, USA

International Seminar Leader:
Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Bangalore, India
Sandhill School of the Healing Arts, Wisconsins
Iridology & Natural Medicine Training, Reykjavik, Iceland - 6 visits
Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico - 10 retreats
Capilano Native American Nation - Vancouver, Canada
Transformational Iridology Training, Regent's College - London, England
Natural Harmony Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Iridology & Natural Medicine Training, 4 visits, University, Kuala Lumpur
Bangkok, Thailand - 2 trainings - 2003, 2004
Naropa University - 2003

Spa Training:
Chiva Som, Hua Hin, Thailand
Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico
Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Bangalore, India
Canyon Health & Beauty Spa, Palm Springs, California
Rainbow Island Healing Center, California

South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Iceland, USA, India,


An mystic author, educator, naturopath, adventurer, designer, founder of the School of Natural Medicine International, Wisdome Press & Herbs of Grace and cutting edge viewer of irises all over the world for 35 years - now spiraling through evolutionary cycles, opening to spirituality and service to family, my enjoyment is life is expanding my human potential, friends and students through my healing and educational life work and path - being a living example of what i share - an authentic true human being of love and compassion - gratitude to the divine universe for gifting me with this life